UK Sewing

For Christmas, I sewed my brother a chef’s apron, a pot holder and a hanging dish towel all with fabric with the University of Kentucky (UK) logo on it.


Chris requested another dish towel for his apartment while I was in Denver.  He picked out a dish towel and I sewed on the hanging top with my leftover UK fabric when I got back to Germany.  There are tons of different tutorials online.  I used the pattern from this website but instead of using velcro, I sewed a button.  My grandmother used to make these but she would knit the hanging top, instead of using fabric.

image image image

Finished product!


Since I had the sewing machine out and still had more fabric, I decided to make him two pillow covers for his new couch!

image image

I sewed the envelope pillow covers instead of ones with zipper closures.  These covers fit a 16” pillow insert.

image image

I mailed Chris his package a couple weeks ago, so hopefully he receives it soon!

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