Preparing for the Overland Track

Christian and I are currently in Australia.  Christian needed to come for work, so I tagged along and then we added some vacation time on after he got his work done.  Part of the vacation includes visiting Tasmania and hiking the Overland Track.  This is a 65km walk through the Tasmanian wilderness and it takes 6 days.  You walk from the north (Cradle Mountain) to the south (Lake St. Clair).  From October through May, you need to reserve a spot to hike along this track.  We signed up & received our packet of information in the mail a couple weeks later.  Included was a waterproof map, visitor guide and a leaflet about leave no trace.  The visitor guide is really well done, with a history of the hike, information about plants and animals that you will see and walk notes.  The walk notes are broken down by each stretch of the walk that you are to accomplish each day.  It tells you how long it will take, the number of kilometers, what you will see and experience and additional side trips that you can take in that area.


Included in the Visitor Guide, as well as on the website for the Overland Track, was the gear checklist.  We printed out a copy and started to gather everything we would need, which was a lot!  We laid everything out on our living room floor and checked off everything that we had.  I have only done one night backpacking trips, so this was quite a different experience to plan for six nights of camping.


This shows a small portion of our gear.  Not included is our tent, food, JetBoil, clothes and many other small items.


We planned to take our JetBoil as our main cooking source, so everything would need to be made using hot water.  We bought powdered milk, so we could have granola for breakfast.  Lunches were going to be granola bars and other snack food.  Dinners would be the prepackaged meals that just require adding hot water.  We also brought a water filter, as you gather water from whatever water source (usually streams) that you come across.  Spaced throughout the walk are huts for people to stay at (we plan to sleep in our tent each night), that have rainwater collection tanks, where we can fill up our water supply.


I can’t wait to share with you our experience of the Overland Track and where else we traveled in Australia when we get back!

One thought on “Preparing for the Overland Track

  1. Dear Jennifer,
    I hope you both have a fantastic time! I am so excited to hear about what you saw and how the whole experience felt. Be safe and have fun!
    Miss you

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