Christian and I are back in Germany after spending four weeks in Australia!  Like I mentioned previously, Christian needed to go to Australia for work.  The first and fourth weeks were spent in Perth, where Christian needed to work and the middle two weeks were Christian’s vacation weeks, spent exploring other parts of Australia.  We weren’t able to pack lightly!  We had two carry-on suitcases, a large suitcase & our two hiking backpacks.


Christian, the business backpacker.


I spent the first week walking through downtown Perth, spending countless hours in the shops and soaking up the sunshine.  It is currently fall in Australia and the temperatures were in the mid to high 70’s.  There was a really good walking tour outlined in our Lonely Planet guide, so I spent one day with my city map doing just that.  The city is a mix of old and new architecture, which made the walk so interesting and the city looked really cool!


The Post Office.


The Town Hall.  It has been restored, but originally built by convicts.


The Fire Station.

image image

St. Mary’s Cathedral.

image image

Government House.


The walk ended in Kings Park.  A beautiful park & botanic garden with views of the city and the Swan River.

image image image

We stayed at a hotel outside of the city center, closer to where Christian was working.  I took the bus into the city center, when I wanted to visit the city.  We had one really warm day, so I spent the time at the hotel pool.  On my birthday, we celebrated at a restaurant on the Swan River.


I don’t think many people have Western Australia on their radar when planning their trips to Australia and it is a pity.  Perth is a beautiful city and there are more places to explore south of Perth, so when you are thinking of visiting Australia, keep that in mind!

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