Rottnest Island

Just like Christian, I also visited Rottnest Island (Rotto, as Western Australians call it).  From Perth, you can take the Rottnest Express ferry to the island.  Once you arrive at the island, you can pick up a bike start exploring the island.  They have three bike routes that you can follow around the island.  If you choose not to bike, you can also take a bus that follows the same routes.

image image

Part of a shipwreck (from 1939), called the Shark.


These were the bike paths running through the island.  No cars are allowed, except for the buses.


Wadjemup Lighthouse.


Porpoise Bay & Salmon Bay.  Both are great spots for snorkeling.  I didn’t rent any snorkeling gear.  It was a little too chilly for me to get in the water!

image image

Although, in the afternoon I went to an area called The Basin, a small beach area where I laid in the sun for a little bit.


The most popular animal on the island, the Quokka.  Of course, you aren’t supposed to feed or pet the animal.  No one listens!


Rottnest Island is perfect for a little holiday getaway.  At Thomson Bay, there is a little settlement, with cottages to rent, a hotel, a lodge, church, shops and grocery store.  It was a really cute area and would make for a really nice time to play in the water and bike around.


After spending the day at Rottnest, I took the ferry back to Perth.  There was a Night Noodle Market in the neighborhood of Northbridge in Perth happening the week we were visiting.  Since Christian had other dinner plans, I decided to go check it out after my ferry ride.  I ate some delicious buns and dumplings from one of the stands.  I tried to take Christian back there another night that week, but it was rainy, so we ended up going elsewhere for dinner.  I was bummed, as there were more things I wanted to try!

image image image

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