Welcome to Tasmania

After almost a week in Perth, we flew to Hobart, Tasmania.  We arrived on a Saturday evening.  We had just enough time to walk through downtown Hobart and go out to dinner.  Hobart is a super cute town with lots of great restaurants.

We stayed at the Graham Apartments, which is located a little outside of town.  We took the bus into the town center but then walked home after dinner.

image image

Our evening exploration of Hobart.  Again, such beautiful architecture!

image image image image image image

The following morning, our transportation had arrived to drive us to Cradle Mountain, which is where we would start the Overland Track.  The Overland Track is not a loop.  You start up in the north of the national park and hike to the southern end.  Christian spent a lot of time researching how to get us to the start and what we would do about getting back to Hobart.  Initially, we had booked a rental car and then we would drive to either the start or finish and have a bus or van take us to wherever we needed to be.  That ended up not working out and it wasn’t until we were in Perth that we got a van service that was willing to pick us up from Hobart and drive us to Cradle Mountain (around 5 hours) the day before we were supposed to start our hike.  They would then pick us up after we ended our hike at Lake St. Clair and drive us back to Hobart (around 3 hours).

We arrived at Cradle Mountain National Park in the early afternoon.  We checked-in for our hike, making sure we had our passes and any other information that the ranger needed to give us.  We stayed in one of the Waldheim Cabins, which is located in the park, right near the start of the Overland Track.  The cabin had bunk beds, a heater, sink, small refrigerator, stove and oven.  There were flush toilets and showers in a separate building.

image image image

We walked from our cabin to Dove Lake, which gives you a view of Cradle Mountain.

image image image

After taking inventory of the items we packed, Christian realized he forgot his hat/neck muff and I wanted one more long sleeve shirt.  So we went back to the Visitor’s Center and bought those items and then walked back to our cabin along a boardwalk they built through the forest.


Right near the cabins were our first sightings of wildlife!  Wombats were eating and wallabies were jumping around.

image image image

We went to bed that night excited to start the Overland Track the next morning!

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