Overland Track–Day 3

This was our rest day at Pelion.  We woke up to beautiful views from the hut.

image image image

We decided to hike up to Mount Oakleigh.  We were planning on spending another night at Pelion, so we were just able to grab a day pack and our hiking poles.

Hike: Pelion Hut to Mt. Oakleigh (8km)


This was right before crossing the buttongrass moorlands.  Our guide book mentioned that we could expect to get very muddy crossing this section.  They were right.  The path was like a river stream, so we decided to deviate and make our way, jumping from one patch of buttongrass to the next.  It was a very wet exercise and we definitely both stepped into water/mud up to our ankles!


We got up to the top and had amazing panorama views of the valley below.  We actually didn’t go all the way to the summit, just probably 1km shy, as we had perfectly great views where we were.  We had lunch, which consisted of hard cheese, salami, crackers, granola bar and dried mango & strawberries.  We originally picked up the cheese and salami for our lunch/dinner while staying at the Waldheim Cabins.  We were so glad that we had leftovers, as our original plan for the hike was to just have granola bars and crackers with peanut butter for lunches.  I think we would have been starving!


We got back to Pelion Hut, early in the afternoon.  It was warm, so we washed up and enjoyed the time sitting in the sun.

image image

At each hut, there is a helicopter pad.  They use it for emergencies, providing the rangers with track supplies and removing the waste from the bathrooms at the huts.  That day, they were doing a lot of helicopter activity.


Another early night for us.  We were the first ones in bed in our little room that we shared and probably the last ones out of our sleeping bags in the morning!

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