Overland Track–Day 4


Hike: Pelion Hut to Kia Ora (8.6km)

We left Pelion Hut and made a gradual ascent to Pelion Gap.  At this point, you could continue on to Kia Ora or climb Mt. Pelion East or Mt. Ossa.  Mt. Ossa is Tasmania’s highest peak.  We decided to climb Mt. Pelion East.  There was a rock scramble at the top of Mt. Pelion East and I only made it so far before saying I wasn’t comfortable with climbing up the rocks.  We made a stop for a picture and then climbed down a little ways for a snack.

image image

Mt. Pelion East behind me in the background.


Here is where everyone left their packs to go off for their climbs.


It was another warm day but still a bit muddy.


On our way to Kia Ora, we ran into an Echidna.  Their claws/feet look so funny because they are turned backwards.

image image

Navigating the muddy track.

image image

We arrived at the Kia Ora Hut in the early afternoon.  There were tons of tent platforms and since we hadn’t slept in our tent yet, we decided to pitch our tent for the night.  There was also a creek nearby, so we were able to wash up a bit before dinner.

Before bed, we played a couple of rounds of rummy in the tent.


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