Overland Track–Day 5

Everyone called this day, the waterfall day, as we made two stops to see three different waterfalls.

Hike: Kia Ora to Windy Ridge via D’Alton, Fergusson & Hartnett Falls (9.6km)

We woke up in our tent to rain.  We slowly got ready that morning, had breakfast and then broke down our wet tent in the rain.  It looked like it was going to clear up shortly, so we decided to stall our start so we wouldn’t have to walk too long in the rain.  We left around 10AM and were one of the last groups to leave but it was worth it.  Probably 10 minutes into our hike, the rain had stopped.

We walked through rain forest for the first half of the hike before reaching the turnout for the first set of falls.

D’Alton Falls.

image image

Fergusson Falls.


After visiting those falls, we hiked another kilometer on the track to arrive at Hartnett Falls.  These were the tallest of the three.

We had lunch before hiking down to the falls.  By this point we ran out of our cheese and I had moved on to eating peanut butter with my crackers and granola bars (or just from the jar).


Top of Hartnett Falls.


Bottom of Hartnett Falls.

image image

After the waterfalls, we climbed up to Du Cane Gap and then descended to Windy Ridge.


We arrived at the Bert Nichols Hut in Windy Ridge around 5pm (our latest arrival) and set up our tent in hopes of drying it out.  We had planned on sleeping in the tent but then the temperatures that night were pretty chilly, so we decided to sleep in the hut at the last minute.

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