Overland Track–Day 6

Hike: Windy Ridge to Narcissus (9km)

Narcissus Hut is located on the bank of the Narcissus River which feeds into Lake St. Clair (our end point of the track).  You have many options on this day: 1. hike to Narcissus, take the ferry to Cynthia Bay, the end of Lake St. Clair & then you are finished, 2. hike to Narcissus, stay the night in the hut & then take the ferry the next day to the end, 3. same as two except hike to Cynthia Bay the next day, 4. hike past Narcissus to another hut almost halfway between Narcissus and Cynthia Bay, stay for the night & then hike to the finish the next day.  Everyone who we were hiking with that week decided to do one of these options, so we all broke off on this day saying goodbye to some of our hiking mates.

Christian and I decided to go with option 4, so we walked first to Narcissus.

image image

Crossing the Narcissus River on the suspension bridge.

image image

We arrived at Narcissus Hut around lunchtime.  We had something to eat and then went to jetty where people get picked up to take the ferry.


We then continued on for our second half of the day.

Hike: Narcissus to Echo Point (5km)

The rustic Echo Point Hut is located on the shore of Lake St. Clair.  The five kilometers to the hut were more technical, as their were many trees down and roots along the path.  It was worth the hike, as we set up our tent on the beach.


We rinsed and dried parts of our tent, shoes and socks that were wet.  Christian even went in the water for a bath!

image image

There is a jetty here as well and people staying at Cynthia Bay made a stop here to look around and then get back on the ferry.


We ate dinner in the hut, which had a coal burning stove.

image image

The evening was beautiful.

image image image

Christian said this was his favorite stop on the track and it was really nice to be by the water and it was very quiet.  Only six other hikers stayed in or around the hut.

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