Overland Track–Day 7

Our last day..wahoo!  I was tired and ready to be done with hiking for a little bit.

Breakfast (granola) in the tent before starting the day.  We are looking pretty scruffy!

image image

Hike: Echo Point Hut to Cynthia Bay, Lake St. Clair (12.5km)

At the start we had some more trees/roots to climb around but it was a fairly flat walk through Rainforest.

image image image

Lake St. Clair.


The END!!  We made it to Cynthia Bay around lunchtime.  An American college girl from New England was doing a study on the Overland Track and she took our photo in exchange for us filling out her survey.


Then we gorged ourselves on a huge hamburger and fries!


An hour later, our transportation came to pick us up and drive us to Hobart.  We stayed the night in Hobart.  The following morning was Easter, so we went to church and then in the evening flew to Sydney.  Here I am in my church outfit and all our hiking gear.


Hiking the Overland Track was an amazing experience and the highlight of our time in Australia.  If you love hiking and plan to travel to Australia, keep this in mind!

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