Final Week in Australia

This is my last post about our trip to Australia!  I think it has taken me a month to get through everything that we did and I am ready to share with you what has been going on since we got back.

After our weekend in Margaret River, we drove back to Perth.  Christian had work there to do for the next four days.  This time we stayed in downtown Perth at The Fraser Suites.  This was a great location for me, as I was able to walk downtown everyday.  Christian had a short drive to the office.  Our room included a living room, kitchen and washer/dryer.  We went grocery shopping and had breakfast there every morning, as well as dinner two of the nights.  I also packed my lunches to take with me while I was out exploring Perth again.  By this point in the trip, I just wanted to get back to my normal diet and not eat out!

Our accommodations at The Fraser Suites.

image image image

View of Swan River from our room.


I spent another two days walking around the city, going into shops that I hadn’t visited before.  I also went back to Kings Park and explored more of the gardens there.

On one day, I went to the Perth Zoo.  To get there, you can take a ferry across the Swan River from the downtown area to the other side of the river.  I got to see more kangaroos, a sleeping koala, orangutans and many other animals.

image image image image image

On our last day in Perth, Christian and I went to Scarborough Beach in the late afternoon.  The weather was nice and sunny.  We both went into the water and the waves were really strong!  They were fun to dive under and jump.

image image image

The following day we got up early to catch our flight to Hong Kong.  We had about a 6-7 hour layover before our flight to Frankfurt.  The plan was to take the train into the city center and then do some exploring.  Unfortunately, I was feeling sick from our first flight (headache & nausea), which happens probably 50% of the time I fly.  I need to take anti-nausea medicine every time I fly (but I didn’t that time)!We still took the train into the city but Christian dropped me off at Four Seasons at the IFC (International Finance Center) mall for a massage.  We had hopes that would help ease my pain.  It was a beautiful spa area and the massage was wonderful.  I thought that the spa prices were reasonable for such a nice hotel.  While I was getting my massage, Christian was out exploring Hong Kong!  He took the ferry over to Kowloon and walked around the area before coming back to pick me up again.

image image image image

We had dinner at one of the restaurants on the rooftop of the IFC mall.  We had beautiful views of the skyline.

image image image image

I still wasn’t feeling that well, so we went back to the airport, where I slept for the next couple hours until we boarded our flight back to Germany.  Luckily, I was able to sleep on the flight as well.  We arrived back in Germany to beautiful, spring weather.  The grass and trees were green and the flowers were just starting to bloom!

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