Weekend Visit

After a week of being back in Germany after our trip to Australia, my friend Steph from Denver came to our house for a weekend visit.  She was our first non-family visitor to our new house and town!  We picked her up from the airport on Saturday afternoon.  Instead of driving the Autobahn directly back to Bad Honnef, we decided to drive down to the Rhein.  We stopped in a cute town to walk around a bit.

image image image image

We drove north along the Rhein and stopped at Kloster Eberbach.  This is now a wine estate and we tried some wine there.

image image

The following day was our busiest touring day.  We started at the the Steigenberger Grandhotel Petersberg.  This hotel is located in Königswinter, with amazing views of the Rhein River, valley and Bonn.  This hotel used to be the Guest House of the Federal Government.  Queen Elizabeth II, Bill Clinton and Nelson Mandela are just a few of the guests that have stayed here.


After soaking up the views, we drove to Köln.  The Kölner Dom is always a must-see for visitors.

image image

As well as a stop in the famous store selling No. 4711, an Eau de Cologne (Echt Kölnisch Wasser) that has been produced in Köln since 1799.


You can´t go to Köln without trying their Kölsch Bier.

image image

The tour continued with a drive down to Ahrweiler, a wine region just south of Bonn.  We first stopped at Winzer in Mayschoß-Altenahr for some wine tasting.  You might remember that we have been to this area before for wine tasting.


On that day, they were having a special event in the area.  They had booths set-up in the vineyards (along the Rotweinwanderweg) where you could enjoy a glass of wine and get a bite to eat as you hiked along the trail.  We decided to hike up and take part in the festivities as well.

image image image image

After a busy day of sightseeing, we came home, cooked dinner and went to bed!  The following day, Steph and I did a walk through our town of Bad Honnef before catching a flight to Rome, where we were meeting up with her family for the week.  Our spring travel continues!

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