Less than an hour south of Bad Honnef is Koblenz.  Historic Koblenz is also situated on the Rhein River, where it converges with the Moselle River.  Christian’s mom came the weekend of Mother’s Day and we spent the time exploring some cities along the Rhein.  We visited Koblenz while Christian was at work.


The corner where the Rhein and Moselle Rivers meet is called the Deutsches Eck.


Overlooking the Deutsches Eck, is a large statue of Emperor Wilhelm I, seated upon a horse.  He was the first German Emperor.

image image

Across from the city center is the Fortress Ehrenbreitstein.


We took the cable car up to the fortress.

image image

The views from the fortress.   In the first photo below, can you see the Deutsches Eck?  The Rhein River has the light-brownish colored water (from lots of sand) and the Moselle River is more green-blue.

image image image

Koblenz is always a stop if you take one of the river cruises along the Rhein, either with Viking River Cruises or Uniworld.  We actually rode up in the cable car with an American tourist group from one of the Uniworld cruise boats, so I got to listen to her explain different things about the fortress and Koblenz in English!


As you can see, we had sunny weather and everything was so green.  We spent some time sitting outside in a café in the city center and wandered into some of the shops.  We both picked up a few souvenirs!

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