Along the Rhein

On Mother’s Day, Christian, his mom and I continued our exploration of the Rhein Valley.  We drove south from our house, past Koblenz to a town called Braubach.  Sitting high above the town is a castle called Marksburg.

image image

The Marksburg is more of a fortress and the original keep was built on this land in 1117.  We took a guided tour of the castle grounds and interior.

image image image image


image image

Wine cellar.

image image

One of the gathering rooms.


After our tour, we continued our drive south to Loreley, which is near Sankt Goarshausen.  The Loreley is a large rock on the bank of the Rhein and it marks the narrowest portion of the Rhein River.  There have been quite a few boat accidents in this section of the Rhein.  We hiked up to the top of the rock for views of the Rhein.

image image image image image image

There is also a bit of folklore relating to this rock.  There was a ballad and then a poem written.  One talks about a woman who falls to her death from the rock and another version where a woman is sitting atop of the rock, combing her hair and distracting the shipman, causing them to crash!


After all our time along the Rhein, we drove home and had a special Mother’s Day meal of white asparagus, potatoes and ham.


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