How Does Our Garden Grow

We have spent the last month working away on our postage stamp sized garden.  Work began months ago to get it ready.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a photo of the back of the house, where is just showed the dirt strip.  So just imagine a rectangle of dirt with a large tree in the corner!

In March, we had a little stone area installed in the back left-hand corner of yard.  We had planned on placing a garden hut there.


The end of April, they graded our yard in preparation for the grass to be laid.


Then our grass and fence were installed.  We had them leave strips on either sides of the fence, so we could do some planting.

image image image

When Christian’s mom was here, we all went to the garden shop/nursery to look at plants.  She made recommendations on what we should plant.  Christian drew up a little diagram of what we were going to plant and the list of everything that we needed to buy.

image image

We picked everything up one weekend and got to planting!

image image image image

Our goal was to create some privacy between the houses and cover the not so pretty fences.  It looks like Christian did most of the work, doesn’t it?  I was on sand retrieval and dirt removal duty.  Snapping the occasional picture in between!

image image image

A week after we planted everything, our garden hut arrived.  We chose a Biohort, which is Austrian-made.  Many of our neighbors also have these in their gardens.  You can see our neighbors’ completed huts in the pictures below.

image image image

We added a little walkway from the hut to the door leading out of our garden.

image image

To ensure that our garden will grow and stay watered, we added a watering system.  Similar to the in-ground sprinkler systems that people have for larger yards.  Ours isn’t in-ground but works and isn’t super noticeable.  We have a watering computer hooked-up to the water spigot.  Every morning the sprinkler is set to water the lawn.  We also have a program set to water all the plants.  We ran hoses along each side of the garden.  On the side with the bushes, there are smaller hoses going to each bush, letting out water.

image image

On the side with the plants, we have a drip system.


Even all the pots have a watering hose, so they also will be watered on a regular basis.  We are probably the only ones in our neighborhood to have such a watering system but we also travel a lot, so we need the watering help!


Since this post is already so, so long, I will share the pictures of the completed garden on Friday!

4 thoughts on “How Does Our Garden Grow

  1. Very nice. Remember onto over water the plants. The roots need to grow deep. If u water too much the roots will stay on surface and during hot weather they may die. U also will get a fungus if too much water. It is so nice and green.

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