The Backyard

All the planting was completed this past weekend and we can now just relax and enjoy the greenery and flowers! Perfect timing for summer.

image image

Our patio.

image image image

On the patio we have Lavender, which is the same plant from our balcony in Düsseldorf.  It is quite hardy!  We also have Basil, Buxus & pink Marguerite.


We added sliding screen doors to our double doors.  I love being able to open the door and keep the bugs out.  I can’t stand flies in the house!


On the left side of the garden, we planted a row of Spindelstrauch (Spindle).


On the right side of the garden, we have different varieties of Clematis, which are climbing up the fence.  On the ground, we planted Funkien (Hosta), Glockenblumen (Campanula), some little white & pink-purplish flowers that I don’t remember the name of.

image image image

Around the tree we planted Schattengrün, which should just provide some ground cover under the tree.


We attached trellises to the garden hut and planted two grapes wines (Romulus, green seedless grape).  On the side closest to the fence, we planted a Jasmina climbing rose.

image image image image

In the hut we have our bicycles, some gardening tools and the lawnmower.


We love the way the garden looks & maybe not all the plants will survive but that is okay.  We are enjoying it now & maybe we will have some re-planting to do next spring!


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