Blue Plate Wall

When Christian was visiting his family in Hamburg a couple months ago, he picked up some blue plates from his mom.  These plates used to hang in his grandmother’s house.  Some were even gifts from his mom to his grandmother.  We wanted to hang a few plates in our half-bathroom (Gäste WC).  If you remember, it is painted Farrow & Ball’s Stiffkey Blue.


There is an empty space perfect for the plates to the right of the mirror.  To figure out how I wanted the plates positioned on the wall, I found an easy way on Pinterest how to do it.  I took a large sheet of paper, which was about the same size as the space between the mirror and the corner of the wall.


Then I just arranged the plates on the paper until I found a pattern that I liked.

image image image image

Once I determined the final layout, I traced around the edge of the plate with a marker and marked where the nail hole should go.  All the plates already had hangars, so it was easy to make those marks.


We taped the paper up on the bathroom wall.


Christian nailed in the holes.

image image

Took down the paper.


Then we hung up the plates.  So simple & I love the way it finishes the bathroom!

image image image

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