Another little house decorating update this week.

What a difference hanging something on the walls can make!  We had a little nook between the stairs on the main floor (EG).  The only complete picture of this space that I could find was during the construction phase.  To the right is the living room area and through the doorway on the right is the entry hallway.  I am standing in the kitchen/eating area taking the picture.


Christian kept saying that we should add some shelves to the area.  For awhile I didn’t want anything on our walls because of our paint.  I finally realized that is crazy, so we went to Bauhaus and picked up some shelves.  The shelves and supports happen to be the same ones that we used in our Düsseldorf apartment kitchen.


Christian got to work one Saturday installing the shelves.


I styled the shelves, or as Christian says, added all the junk to the shelves.

image image

We have a small bowl to hold keys & the box holds all the charging cables for electronics.

image image

The basket under the shelves holds scarves, hats, reusable bags & umbrellas.


We picked the shelves because they match the stairs really well.


It is a great spot after coming into the house to drop off your stuff & one more step to looking more homey!


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