My mom has been visiting and we have been doing walks through our town, shopping, going to the gym & eating salads.  Doesn’t sound too different than my normal routine.  We did take a hike one sunny afternoon to Drachenfels.  This is the name of the rock and castle ruins atop a hill between Bad Honnef & Königswinter.  It was built in the 1100’s for the protection of Cologne from the south.


The hike is only about 2km.  Half-way up is a war memorial with nice views of the Rhein.

image image

Walking along the hiking trail.

image image image

When you make it to the top, there is a restaurant and view lookout.  From Königswinter you can take the cog railroad up, so the station is also on the top. 

image image image image

View towards Bonn on the other side of the Rhein.


It is a short walk further up to the Drachenfels ruins.

image image image

Here is the Drachenfels view from Bad Honnef.  This picture was taken from our bedroom window.


This is a great little hike if you are in the area!

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