Sand & Sea

Out of the 10 days in France, we spent 8 of those days at the beach.  We alternated between the beach close to our apartment in La Croix Valmer and one close to St. Tropez.  We packed beach towels, a  large blanket & low chairs.  We purchased an umbrella from one of the stores in town when we arrived.  The umbrella was a lifesaver, as the sun and sand were hot but it was really pleasant to sit in the shade on the beach.  After time in the water, we would sit out in the sun.  My mom had her spot under the umbrella in the chair, reading her book.

image image

It was a bit of a shock for us to see that at the beaches many women sunbath and swim topless!

image image image image

On one of the days, Christian took a Hobie Cat sailing lesson.

image image image image

After all the time at the beach, we were lucky that none of us got sunburn.  Although, my mom and I definitely got a few more freckles on our arms and shoulders!

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