Perfume Making

Grasse is a city also located in the French Riviera and is known as the perfume capital of the world.  There are three perfume factories in the town: Galimard, Molinard & Fragonard.  Christian signed us up to make our own perfume at the workshop of Galimard.

We arrived at the workshop & were taken back to individual desks with rows of little bottles lined up on shelves.  They explained a little about how a perfume is created.  There is a base note, which is the scent that usually lasts the longest.  It is what you will smell still on you or on your clothes the next day.  Then there is the heart (middle note) and the peak note, what you first smell when you spray a perfume.  We started with smelling just a few different bottles containing the base notes.  We selected four of our favorite scents & wrote them down on a paper.  The instructor then came around and wrote down what quantity we should use of each of the bases selected.  We were given a measuring vial and added the amounts to the vial.

image image

Then we were told to smell all the heart notes.  The bottles were located on the shelves and there were probably over 20 of them to smell.  We needed to narrow them down to our top 5 favorites.  There were also separate scents for males & females, so you would only smell specific scents.  Once we selected our five heart notes, they were written down on the paper and the instructor again wrote the quantities, so we could add them to the base notes in our vial.

image image image

Once those were added, you needed to mix the scents before continuing.  That just consisted of pouring the liquid into a beaker and then back to the vial.


The same steps were repeated for the peak notes.  Since we were smelling so many scents to determine our favorites, the instructor recommended just a quick sniff of the scents & to not think too much about it.  Basically smell it & then immediately say if you like it or not.

image image image image image

We mixed our scent again & then we were complete.  We were allowed to name our perfume, which was printed on the label & we received our bottle of perfume (100ml) in one of the brown bottles like the ones in the workshop.  It was really cute!  I named my perfume Pink Sun, my mom named hers Flower Garden & Christian’s name was Just For Fun.  We were told to wait 10 days before using the perfume so it would have a chance to properly combine.  If you are near Grasse, I definitely recommend this fun activity!


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