We drove up from St. Tropez to visit Monaco.  This principality is surrounded on three sides by France and sits right on the Mediterranean Sea.  Monaco probably became famous when Grace Kelly wed Prince Rainier III in 1956.  Many visitors are drawn to the Monte Carlo Casino, which is in Monaco.  We drove by but didn’t go in.  The famous Formula One race, the Monaco Grand Prix is held annually through the streets of Monaco.

We immediately went to the Prince’s Palace of Monaco to see the changing of the guards.

image image image

Afterwards we took a tour of the palace.  Unfortunately, no pictures were allowed inside.  We saw the courtyard and staircase where the prince and other members of the royal family would gather for the press after a marriage or birth.  We also toured a few of the state rooms.  The palace was originally built as a fortress and then the home of the Grimaldi family since the 1200’s.

The palace is located on a rock high above the Mediterranean.

image image

The St. Nicholas Cathedral is where Grace Kelly, Prince Rainer III and many other Grimaldis are buried.

image image

We had a quick visit but we were happy to learn a little bit more about Monaco.

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