St. Tropez

We visited the town of St. Tropez only twice during our stay in the French Riviera.  It was a fascinating place to visit with its high-end shopping, restaurants and large yachts docked at the marina.

On our first visit during the day, we spent a lot of time at the marina looking at all the yachts & wondering who owned them!!  After looking some of them up on the internet, we learned that many are for rent & can cost over $100,000 per week!

image image image image

We walked through the narrow streets of the town up to the citadel.  From just outside the citadel walls were great views of the town and the sea.

image image image image

A favorite house or two overlooking the sea.

image image

Wouldn’t you love a yacht that had a slide of the side?


We went back to St. Tropez on the second to last evening of our trip.  Our friend Naomi from Denver was traveling throughout Europe and joined us for our last couple of days in France.


We visited some shops before dinner.

image image image image

We ate a restaurant that was recommended in our tour book.  It was a three course meal that was very good. We were stuffed even before dessert!  This isn’t a great picture of my mother but it shows all of us at dinner!


After we came out of the restaurant, we heard drums and ran into a parade.  We decided to follow them.

image image

It was some sort of festival where people in period dress were dancing and at the end they burned an old boat!  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find out what this event was called or the purpose of it.  It was a fun way to end the evening, especially since it happened to be the 4th of July!

image image

We loved our stay in the French Riviera.  We are still talking about how much we enjoyed spending the days at the beach and exploring a little bit of the surrounding towns.  I told Christian I want to go back every year but knowing us, I am not sure if that will happen.  There are probably many other beautiful beach areas along the Mediterranean for us to visit!

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