Padua is an overlooked city only thirty minutes by train from Venice.  We spent two nights (equaling one full day) in Padua, as a stopover between Milan and Venice.  If Christian didn’t recommend us visiting this city as part of our tour of Italy, we would have definitely missed this gem!  It is a small but beautiful university town, not visited by many tourists. 

The historical city center can be found at the Piazza delle Erbe & Piazza della Frutta.  Most days of the week you can find markets in the squares. 

image image

Not far is Piazza dei Signori.

image image

A view of the Duomo di Padova.


Running around half the city center is the Canale Piovego.

image image image image

The Prato della Valle is the largest elliptical square in Europe.  Surrounding the fountain are statutes and a waterway.  When we visited there were a few booths set up selling books, jewelry and antiques. 

image image image

Facing the Prato della Valle is the Basilica of Sant Giustina.  An abbey is attached to the church.  We walked around the church but couldn’t find the entrance!


We visited the Basilica di Sant’Antonio.  A church named after the patron saint.  Inside the church walls are peaceful cloisters.. 

image image image image

A few more photos from our walk through Padua.  Such a pretty town!

image image image image image image

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