Our last stop on our Italian tour was Venice.  We were there for two and half days and stayed in another Airbnb apartment in the Campo del Ghetto Nuovo (Jewish quarter).  The apartment was only a fifteen minute walk from Venice’s main railroad station and it was a quiet area away from a majority of the tourists.  There were a lot of tourists in Venice & I think it was more noticeable because we were all walking along the narrow streets!  There aren’t large piazzas, where you don’t notice how many people there really are! 

We spent our first day walking along the canals to the Rialto area and making a wide circle back to our apartment. 

image image image image

Our first evening we met up with Naomi’s cousin and her friend for dinner.  They led us to the Piazza San Marco for views of the Basilica di San Marco and Campanile di San Marco, the bell tower.  From there, we went to one of their favorite Italian-style fast food eateries and then walked further around the maze of Venice before gelato.

image image image image image

The following day we took the ferry to the Lido for a day of relaxing at the beach.  We rented beach chairs and an umbrella, so we spent our time reading in the shade and cooling off in the water.  We went to the same beach club that Christian and I visited when we were in Venice.  On our way back to the apartment, we stood on the ferry in the open area and we had great views of the city.  I think taking the ferry or the gondola (although very pricey) is one of the best ways to view the city.  You can enjoy all the pretty buildings from the water!

image image image image

The Ponti di Rialto was unfortunately under construction, so we couldn’t enjoy the full view of the bridge.


On our last day we took the ferry to Murano.  This island is known for their glass work. 

image image image

That evening we flew to Germany.  Naomi stayed with us for a couple nights before she had to fly back to Indonesia.  We loved our time together in Italy, it was sad to see her go.  We walked a lot, saw some great cities, shopped a ton & ate delicious gelato every day! Now that is a memorable summer vacation.

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