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Christian and I have been hiking our way along the Rheinsteig.  The Rheinsteig is a hiking trail (320KM) that goes from Bonn to Wiesbaden and follows the Rhein.  We have previously hiked the parts of the trail in our town and the town south of us.  We dropped off Naomi in Koblenz at the train station a couple days after our time together in Germany, so we decided to hike part of the trail starting from there. 

We made our ascent into the forest above the Rhein Valley. 

image image image image image

This is the sign you follow all along the Rheinsteig.  This is how you know you are going in the right direction!


Towards our descent back to the Rhein, we came across some more difficult terrain.  Something we would normally see in Colorado but I did not think here in Germany.  We basically hiked down a ravine.  They had steel cables along the way to help you down.  That was a good thing because the wet rocks were slippery!

image image image

The great thing about the Rheinsteig is that we can take the train to whatever section we would like to hike, hike one-way and take the train back.  Every time you get to see something new, either castles, vineyards or just escape in the forest. 

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