Schloss Charlottenburg

The Charlottenburg Palace is located within Berlin and was originally built as the summer home of Sophie Charlotte, the wife of Friedrich III, the Elector of Brandenburg.  Construction on the palace started in 1695.  In 1701, Friedrich III made himself King Friedrich I in Prussia.  The palace was extended with wings and an orangery in the early 1700’s.  Sophie Charlotte died in 1705 & King Friedrich I died in 1713. Their son King Friedrich Wilhelm I took over and maintained the palace.  He died and his son Friedrich II (Friedrich the Great) became king in 1740.  He then had a new wing added to the palace.  Friedrich Wilhelm II became king in 1786.  He had five rooms on the ground floor in the new wing turned into his summer quarters and another couple of rooms on the upper floor as his winter quarters.  He died before he could actually use them!  His son Friedrich Wilhelm III then became king in 1797 and ruled for 43 years with his wife Queen Luise.  She ended up using the rooms that her father-in-law had designed. 

Christian and I took a tour of the new wing and the old part of the palace (Altes Schloss) while we were in Berlin.  We had individual audio headsets and listened to the commentary as we moved from room to room.  We spent a majority of our time in the rooms that King Friedrich Wilhelm II had designed.

image image image image image

Luise’s bedchamber.


The front of the palace.


Rooms from the Altes Schloss.

image image image

In the Altes Schloss there is a room called the Porcelain Cabinet, which holds hundreds of blue & white porcelain.  It was my favorite room in the palace!

image image

After our tour, we walked around the extensive gardens.  It was beautiful and well worth a visit!

image image

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