Berlin Zoo

We rented bikes from our hotel for the day and biked through the Tiergarten, a large garden on the western side of Berlin.  There are lots of bike paths throughout Berlin, making it very bike-friendly.  Located in the Tiergarten is the Zoologisher Garten.  The Berlin Zoo is the oldest in Germany and opened in 1844.  Different architects designed the houses for the animals.  It is a really pretty zoo with lots of shade and well-designed animal enclosures. 

This is the elephant gate entrance.


This elephant kept pacing in the same circle, over and over again. 

image image

We got to see them feeding the gorillas.  There were four of them and the zookeeper would throw the food to each of them from across the moat.  They ate different types of greens, corn & carrots….so healthy!

image image image

We visited the monkeys who we saw from Bikini Berlin and the monkey house.

image image image

Here is a view of the giraffe house.  It is quite fancy from the outside.


We went quickly past the birds.  I am not a fan!  I am afraid they are going to fly by and hit me on the head!

image image

Christian calls me Jenbear, so I had to get a picture with a bear and my other family members!

image image image

Next up were the water-loving animals…penguins, seals & a hippopotamus. 

image image image

By the end of our visit, we felt like this leopard & we also wanted to find our own swing!

image image

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