Last days of Summer

After over a month of travel, things were quieter in August and now it is already September!  It already feels like fall with gray days and the occasional rain shower.  We made sure that we got outside to enjoy the remaining warm days of summer the last couple of weekends.. 

We have been leaving our house with our hiking shoes on not really deciding which hiking trail to take, just making the decision as we hit the fork in the road (or path).  This one day led us to the Petersburg.  The hotel in Königswinter that we last visited with our friend Steph from Denver.

 image image image

We’ve also made a few trips on our road bikes on the mountain roads. 

We have been eating outside on our patio whenever the weather allowed us to.  One weekend we ate out there for breakfast, lunch and dinner both days. 

image image

Of course there has been some garden work.  Christian applied some fertilizer & then aerated the lawn, just this past weekend.  I might have been laughing as Christian put on the funny shoes and walked around the lawn in his dress shirt and jeans!  I think the attire is called, business-gardener. 

image image image

Most of our plants have survived.  I did have to pull out one clemantis and one other plant.  Our roses have continually been blooming & look so pretty & pink!


The neighbors in front of our house planted sunflowers and they really grew like crazy.  Some are the size of a dinner plate!


We also have tried to finish a few projects up inside the house.  Installing a few more ceiling lights and rearranging our wardrobes, hopefully, for the last time!  This involved me emptying our closets.  Has anyone read Marie Kondo’s book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up?  Or is into the capsule wardrobes?  As hard as I try to get rid of clothes and shoes (and I did get rid of stuff), I can’t get down to only a specific number of clothes for the seasons.  I guess it isn’t meant to be!  All my clothes are still organized, there’s just a lot of them!


Well, that is about all that has been going on these last days of summer.  I am still hoping for a few more days of sunshine & summer-like weather this month, so it is won’t be the last! 

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