Another New Bike

A few months ago my pink bicycle was stolen.  It was locked up in our carport in the evening and then next morning it was gone, lock and all.  I was really, really sad as it was a fairly new bike and it was cute & pink!  Over the summer I went back to using my old, white bicycle, which still works fine but it didn’t have wheel covers for when it rained and it had the pain of battery-powered lights.  Luckily, it didn’t rain much this summer and it stays light out so long that lights aren’t necessary.  Now it’s September and the forecast is rain, rain, rain and the days are becoming shorter and shorter.  Time for another new bike! 

We visited the bike manufacturer Schauff, which is located across the Rhein from us in Remagen.  We originally discovered this company which started in 1932 because they make tandem bikes.  We thought briefly about buying a tandem because I am always complaining that Christian can bike so much faster than when we ride our road bikes.  We visited the shop and it is very similar to the manufacturer of my old bike, every bike is custom built.  You decide the frame, gears, handlebar, seat, color, etc.

This time around I went with a more sporty bike.


I have more gears this time, which will help me get up the ramp that gets me from our house over to the Rhein.  I barely made it with my pink cruiser!

image image

Lights that are always on when you are pedaling.

image image

A really cushy seat.


We added the removable basket.  Christian even had us attach a lock, so no one would steal the basket. 


And did you happen to notice the color?  It’s pink!  Bright pink!  I think they called it telekom rosa because it looks like the T-Mobile pink.  This bike is easy to spot & rides so smoothly!


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