Konrad Adenauer Haus

Konrad Adenauer was the first German Chancellor (Bundeskanzler) after WWII and was in office from 1949 to 1963.  Before that he was the Mayor of Köln (Oberbürgermeister).  He also happened to live in our village.  In 1937 he bought a plot of land in Rhöndorf and built a house for his family.  This was his place of refuge during the war and when we has in the political spotlight.  He died in 1967 in this house and soon after his family donated the house to the government and it is now a museum.  This past Sunday was a garden fest & open door day (Gartenfest / Tag der offenen Tür), where the public was allowed to walk through the gardens and part of the first floor of the house without being in a tour group.  Christian and I took advantage of the event and walked over to his house. 


From the street you cannot see his house or much of the garden, as at street level is the museum building and the house is built high on the hill.  We have walked past the property many, many times but didn’t know what was to be seen.  In the picture below, we are standing up by the house looking down at the street and museum building.  In the background is Rhöndorf.


Konrad Adenauer’s house.

image image image image

The extensive gardens were beautiful, even though most of the flowers were past their bloom.

image image image image 

He even had his own Bocce court.


One of his favorite spots was this enclosed gazebo, where he was able to look out into the valley and Rhein below.

image image

I would like to go back and get a full tour of the house.  It is also really interesting to me right now because I am taking a course on German history and politics and of course, Konrad Adenauer is an important figure in Germany history.


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