Living Room

We have been slowly working on decorating our living room and making it more homey.  We are calling it done now, so that is why I am sharing it with you! 

As I had mentioned in another post, we ordered a new couch before moving into our house and had it delivered a few days before our move-in date.  The rest of the furniture we had in our apartment in Düsseldorf. 

image image image

It took us awhile to pick out curtains.  We looked at shops in Germany and online and couldn’t really find anything that we loved or was in the right price range.  When we were in Sydney, we found a West Elm shop and looked at their curtains.  We saw ones that we thought that would look good with our couch and our wall color.  We got back to Germany and ordered the curtains.  Some US companies offer a shipping service to Europe through a company called Borderfree.  You pay in addition to the item price, shipping and duty tax.  Sometimes I find it is worth it, if we can’t find something here in Germany.  The pillows and throw are also from West Elm.


The rug is from Christian’s mom.  It was in our bedroom in the Düsseldorf apartment.  We had planned on using it again in our bedroom here but it didn’t fit.  We moved it to the living room and it sat for a couple months rolled up, while we decided what to do with it.  I got tired of it sitting there and decided to just lay it out in the room.  After we got the curtains up, it fit perfectly with the room and it is a great size for it as well!


The room never felt completely finished until we got this print hung up on the wall.  I was reading this blog post and she was sharing about Silke Bonde, a Copenhagen-based designer and artist.  She makes watercolor art prints, that you can buy online.  I showed Christian the “Blue World” art print and he agreed that he thought it would work well in our living room and fits our love of world travel perfectly!  We received the print in the mail and just two weeks ago had it matted, framed and hung on our wall.  It fills the space and ties in nicely with everything else.

image image

So that’s our living room.  Hope you enjoyed the little tour!

One thought on “Living Room

  1. Liebe Jennifer, lieber Christian, es ist sehr schön geworden. Ich freue mich, dass auch der Teppich so gut passt. Viele Grüße Renate, Mama

    Von meinem iPad gesendet


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