The wine fests have started in our region.  We attended the Weinfest in Rhöndorf a couple weekends ago.  They named the wine queen and princesses, a band played music, people were dancing and of course, sitting around drinking the wine that was made from the grapes in our village.

I also just read the book Eight Hundred Grapes, which I recommend to anyone looking for a fun book to read.  The setting took place on a family’s vineyard in Sonoma, California.  In the book it described a bit about the process of growing grapes and producing wine.  It also mentioned that it takes eight hundred grapes to make a bottle of wine.  You might remember that we planted two grape vines (Romulus, green seedless grape) next to our garden hut. 

Here they were in June.


Now in September.


Quite a difference, right?  One of the vines even produced some grapes.  Unfortunately not eight hundred, so we couldn’t try making a bottle of wine.  I read that it could take up to two years for a grape vine to start producing grapes, so I am going to call ourselves lucky that we got a cluster of grapes.


I noticed in August that the birds were starting to eat the bottom grapes, so I put a paper bag over them to help protect them and let them grow a little bit more.  We had tasted one of them they were still really tart. 

image image

We checked them again a month later and decided that it was time to cut them down and they were ready to eat!

image image image

They definitely sweetened up and we hope that next year we get more grapes!


3 thoughts on “Grapes

  1. AMAZING! I cannot even describe how impressed I am! Maybe it’s because I’ve only attempted veggies in the garden & don’t know the first thing about growing fruit. I imagine they don’t have that weird layer on the skin like the kind you get at (American) grocery stores!

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