Breda & Middelburg, The Netherlands

We spent the weekend in The Netherlands.  It was an early fall getaway & the weather was perfect.  Christian wanted to explore a different area of The Netherlands, specifically, the southwest section called Zeeland (sea land). 

We left on Saturday mid-morning & made our first stop in the area of the Netherlands called Noord Brabant, in the city of Breda.  Our tour book didn’t have much to say about Breda, other than it is a nice break on a train or cycling journey and the main focal point of the town in the church.  We found Breda to be a completely charming city with beautiful buildings, tons of cafés with outdoor seating & cute shops.  Totally worth the visit!

image image image image

Grote Kerk (large church).


We walked into the Begijnhof / Béguinage of Breda, which was a monastery-like place (I think) for women.  A garden sits in the middle of the area & is surrounded by houses, where the women lived & a church.

image image image image

What made the visit even more enjoyable was the fact that the Samba Festival took place on Saturday when we were there.  We heard the sounds of lots of drums but didn’t quite know what was going on.  We walked up to one area where there was a group of drummers beating away and then a group of people playing the bagpipes started playing as well and it was like a music battle!  I was so impressed.  We then saw the signs that this festival was taking place at ten different locations through the city.  The groups were scheduled to play at different times at each of the locations.  As we were doing our city tour, we would stop and listen at one of the locations.  What a great way to tour a city with music!

image image image image

After we left Breda, we drove to our destination for the night, Middelburg, which is located in Zeeland.  The Zeeland is composed of an area of three peninsulas where the Sheldt, Rhein & Meuse Rivers drain into the sea.  We stayed at The Roosevelt, a boutique hotel located in the middle of town.


In the evening we went for a little city walk.  Again, lots of beautiful buildings and a canal surrounds the city.

image image image image image image image image image

We had dinner at a restaurant called Peper & Zout (Pepper & Salt), which was recommended in our tourbook.  They are known for their seafood.  I am not a seafood fan, so they had a vegetarian option.  It was really good, a stuffed green pepper with quinoa and vegetables, topped with a slice of goat cheese.  I also had the cauliflower soup as a starter, which was also excellent.  Christian liked the motto on the wine list, so he took a picture.  “A meal without wine is called breakfast.”


On Sunday, we rented bikes from our hotel and biked part of the Walcheren peninsula, which is where Middelburg is located in Zeeland.  We biked first to the small, former fishing village of Veere. 

image image image image

After a short stop in Veere, we got back on our bikes and went to Oostkapelle, which is a beach town on the North Sea.  Unfortunately, we had an accident with our camera as we were biking.  The camera was in its case in a backpack, attached to the back of Christian’s bike.  The bag fell off the bike when we were riding and then I ran over part of the bag, as I was right behind Christian.  When we took out our camera at the beach, the camera turned on but the lens wasn’t functioning!  So we have no more pictures from our bike ride.  After a snack at the beach, we biked back towards Middelburg & then drove back to Germany.  Christian & I both said that we would like to visit a few more towns in the Zeeland area.  It is especially a popular destination during summer with the nice, sandy beaches.

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