Three Years

How does time go by so fast?!  I don’t understand it.  September 21st marked our third year of living in Germany together.  The end of October marks three years of blogging.  You know when you look forward to something and it seems like time slows down? Then you finally are there & then the time just races by.  I feel that way often.  Some weeks just drag on & others get away from me.  Fall always feels like a new start, usually because it is the start of a new school year.  A good time to look back on what you have accomplished during the past year & look forward to what you want to do in the next year, so that is what I have done:

October 2014:  We were in the middle of making lots of choices for our house that was being built – paint, tiles, fixtures, etc.  I shared all the progress pictures of the house & all our options!  It is so funny to look back on what the house looked like under construction. 

image59.png (1024×680) image55.png (1024×680) 

November 2014:  We took a break from focusing on our house & flew to Barcelona for a weekend.  I still consider it one of my favorite cities to visit!

image62.png (1024×680) image67.png (510×768)

The bigger news of that month was that we received the keys to our house! 

image.png (458×768)

December 2014:  While we had contractors working on the main floors of the house, laying flooring and painting, we worked on getting our basement in shape.  We also got to enjoy the Advent season with a trip to the Nürnberger Christkindlesmarkt.  Right before Christmas, my mom & brother arrived to help us move.  We then spent Christmas with Christian’s family in Fiesch, Switzerland.

image55.png (1024×680) dsc08866.jpg (1024×680)

January 2015:  We rang in the New Year back in Germany with my mom & brother.  We worked on unpacking boxes & the contractors still had a few things like permanent stairs & baseboards to finish up.  We also finally completed our kitchen, so it was fully operational. 

dsc08932.jpg (510×768) image31.png (1024×680)

February 2015:  Never-ending house getting wardrobes in order & bathrooms finished.  At the end of the month, Christian and I flew to Denver.  A conference Christian needed to attend for work, coincided with my brother moving to Denver

image17.png (1024×680) image28.png (1024×680)

March 2015:  Christian and I spent four weeks, starting at the end of March in Australia.  Two weeks were spent in Perth, one week in Tasmania hiking the Overland Track, a few days in Sydney & another few days in Margaret River in WA.  The Overland Track was the highlight of the trip but we loved being in Australia during the last bits of winter in Germany!

image52.png (1024×680) image67.png (1024×680)

April 2015:  Our friend Steph came to visit us in Germany, so we got show her around our town.  Steph & I then met up with her family for a week in Rome.

image133.png (1024×680) image144.png (1024×680)

May 2015:  We celebrated Christian’s birthday (his last in his 30’s!) and had a visit from his mom.  We got to explore some towns south of us on the Rhein.

image170.png (1024×680) image186.png (1024×680)

June 2015:  Spring arrived in Germany & we worked on getting our yard in order.  We had a fence installed, built our garden hut, added grass & planted bushes and flowers. 

image31.png (1024×680) image59.png (510×768)

July 2015:  Just like the previous year, a full month of travel!  My mom arrived at the end of June & we all travelled to the south of France.  We spent a little over a week at the beach and exploring the towns on the Riviera.  Packed my bags again for two weeks in Italy with my friend Naomi.  It was hot & the gelato was perfect cure!

image66.png (1024×680) image91.png (1024×680) image30.png (1024×680)

August 2015:  After so much travel in July, we stuck around home.  We went for hikes in our area (Rheinsteig) & took a weekend trip to Berlin.

image111.png (1024×680) image167.png (1024×680)

September 2015:  A really quiet month for us.  I took a three week Orientierungskurs (orientation course), where I learned about German history & politics.  It was a really interesting & worthwhile class to attend.  Christian had a little work travel. 

image39.png (1024×680)

We still have fun things planned for the remainder of 2015 and working on our travel plans (always our priority) for 2016!  Since I only took one class for German in 2015, I really need to buckle down in 2016 & get back to it!  I am still so happy to be living in Germany and exploring all of Europe.  I definitely miss my family & friends in the US but this is a good growing experience.  Don’t forget that our door is always open for visitors.  Hope that you enjoyed this look back on our time in Germany & beyond!

6 thoughts on “Three Years

  1. Hi Jennifer and Christian I have really enjoyed your writings and sharing the wonderful things you have been doing. Your new home and all that is involved, the fabulous travels, sharing with family and friends, etc. have been so interesting. I often watch travel shows on tv, so your personal reactions to what you are doing has been especially interesting. My travels have slowed down to Florida every winter, but I am grateful to still be doing that. While you are young is certainly the time to be traveling, but you have done more than anyone I know. Good for you! I hear there is an upcoming trip in July which sounds so exciting.

    I hope you will continue to do your blog – thanks so much for sharing.

    Love, Joanie

    Sent from my iPad

    1. Hi Joanie,

      Thank you for the nice words! Yes, we are very fortunate to be able to do so much travel and we definitely love seeing new places. Hopefully one day we will be able to visit the Pacific NW! I have enjoyed seeing the pictures from the past couple trips my mom and Aunt Marsha have taken to visit you.
      I do hope to continue blogging. It is a great way for the family to hear and see what we have been up to!
      We are excited about our family cruise next year!
      Thanks again for following along with the blog! Hope things are well with you.
      Love, Jennifer

  2. Liebe Jennifer, lieber Christian, vielen Dank für die schönen Bilder aus Würzburg, Frickenhausen und den Three Years.

    Leider ist die Bestellung für das Kabel nicht bei mir angekommen und auch das Kabel ist bisher nicht da. Vielleicht könnt Ihr nochmals nachforschen. Viele Grüße Mama

    Von: Life, Love and Pink
    Gesendet: ‎Dienstag‎, ‎13‎. ‎Oktober‎ ‎2015 ‎07‎:‎45

    jenlynnjackson posted: “How does time go by so fast?! I don’t understand it. September 21st marked our third year of living in Germany together. The end of October marks three years of blogging. You know when you look forward to something and it seems lik”

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