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October has been a quieter month for the blog!  After our weekend trip to Würzburg, Christian and I both headed off in different directions.  Christian spent two weeks in Australia and I spent two weeks in Virginia.  It was a last minute trip decision for me.  I decided I didn’t want to stick around at home while Christian was gone.  It was a good decision on my part because I had a great time in the US with my mom & it was so difficult for me to fly back to Germany!  Sorry Christian! 

I arrived in VA and after a good night’s rest, my mom and I went to the gym the next morning and then spent the remainder of the day shopping at the mall!  There were great sales & I definitely came back to Germany with two full suitcases.  I visited a couple of malls during my two weeks at home and visited my favorite grocery store, Wegmans & stocked up on some things at Costco.  I also went to the gym every morning with my mom.  Our favorite things: going to the gym & shopping!

I brought back some baking supplies that are difficult to find in Germany.


And I ate an entire bag of these chips & a giant container of mango-peach salsa, both from Costco, over a week and a half.  Salsa (only one or two brands) is sold in the international food section here, as well as tortilla chips.  They aren’t nearly as tasty as what you can find in the US grocery stores.


My mom & I started and completed two painting projects.  My mom is re-doing her study and wanted to paint the walls.  The entire house is painted beige with white trim, so she is slowly working on getting the rooms re-painted.  We both have never painted anything before.  My mom watched YouTube videos on how to paint & made me read a newspaper article on painting before we got started.  My mom removed everything from the room & we started cleaning the walls and all the trim.

image image

Then we both got nervous about actually starting painting, so we decided to do a trial run with the laundry room.  She had a sample pot of Benjamin Moore’s Yarmouth Blue.  We wiped down the walls and taped everything off.  We practiced edging and rolling until we ran out of paint. 

image image image image

Even though the room wasn’t finished, we decided that was good enough practice, so we started with painting the study.  I was actually visiting a friend while my mom edged and rolled the entire room.  The next day I helped her with the second coat & touching up all the white trim and door.  She used Benjamin Moore’s Hawthorne Yellow.  It looks pretty bright at first, but then you get used it and it really depends on the time of day.  The first picture was with the ceiling light on in the room and the second picture is middle of the day and no artificial light.

image image

We put back the room as best we could.  She is waiting for a chair to be delivered and will add a bookshelf on the wall across from the desk.

image image image

We got more paint for the laundry room and finished that as well.  It looks really nice and is a good update, as this is the room that we always enter into from the garage. 

image image image

Besides painting, I attended two weddings.  I went to one wedding with my mom for a friend’s daughter and the second wedding was for a good friend from college.  I had initially RSVP’d that I wouldn’t be able to attend and then two weeks before the wedding I let her know I was going to be in Virginia.  She was so nice and said definitely come to the ceremony & reception.  It was a pretty fall wedding & I got to catch up with a good group of college friends. 

Next thing I knew it was time to fly back to Germany.  I am looking forward to my trip back to VA at the beginning of December and staying through the holidays!

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