A popular hike in south Tenerife is going from the village of Masca, down into the gorge to reach a beach.  The beach is only accessible by this hiking path or by boat.  Most people usually arrange their transportation so that they are dropped off in Masca, hike to the beach & then take a boat Los Gigantes, where their car is parked.  We decided to park in Masca and hike round-trip. 

The drive to Masca.

image image

This is where we start the hike.

image image

This hike is listed in every tour book, so we knew we weren’t going to be the only ones hiking it! 


Despite the number of people, it was a really beautiful hike with lots of rock scrambling and a few water crossings.  It definitely made it interesting and fun. 

image image image image image

Once you make it to the ocean, this is how you are greeted!  The boat operators had tables, chairs and umbrellas set-up.  If you didn’t arrange a boat pick-up, you could still do so. 


We brought our bathing suits and towels hoping to get in the water.  Unfortunately, it was too windy and the waves were too big that they didn’t recommend that people get in the ocean.  That was a bummer! 

image image image image

You can see behind me where you walk to the rock platform to catch the boat.  The waves kept crashing over the walkway, so people had to time it just right to get across.  We saw quite a few people get wet feet!


We ate our lunch and headed back up to Masca.  Of course, it was much more tiring going back.

image image image

We made it back to Masca and treated ourselves to popsicles from a little café in the town.

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