Tenerife is shaped like a (soup) ladle.  The center of the ladle being the Teide volcano.  We spent most of our time in the bottom of the ladle, the south.  We decided to explore the north or the handle of the ladle close to the end of our trip.  We drove north from our apartment along the coast, until we reached the turnoff for the road (TF-12) leading us into the Agana mountains.  The hike that we decided to do started at a building called Casa Forestal.  Our hike was going to lead us down the mountain to a small town near the coast.

When we got started it seemed like we were almost in a rainforest and reminded me of a hike that we did in Costa Rica.  Everything was so lush & green.

image image

As we came out of the forest, we saw the coastline and our destination, Taganana.


We reached the town of Taganana.  An older lady was walking in the street and she stopped and asked us where we came from (hiking direction).  Christian explained in his limited Spanish our hiking trail and then asked where the main town center was located and if there is a good place to sit down to have lunch.  She was quite enthusiastic and explained over and over again how to get to the town center, which is marked by a yellow church.  We saw it in the distance.  At the very end of our conversation she told us her name.  It was so funny & cute at the same time!

We found the church and sat outside to eat our lunch.


The town is built along sides of the hills.

image image

It started to get cloudy and looked as if it was going to rain, so we made our way back up the mountain and did a loop to our car.

We had nice views of the town and ocean as we climbed higher and higher.


We had planned on visiting the city of Santa Cruz, which is the capital of Tenerife.  We drove through Santa Cruz on the way to our hike and it looked like a nice city to walk around, with tall, modern buildings, shops, etc.  Unfortunately, Christian was completely drenched from the excursion of hiking and the high humidity and we only had our bathing suits with us as extra clothes.  It would have been unpleasant to explore the city so wet, so we decided to just head back to our apartment.  I guess you always need to leave something unexplored when you visit someplace and the north of Tenerife is just that!

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