Boating & a Sunset

On our last day in Tenerife we wanted to spend it on or in the water.  For me it wasn’t really warm enough to spend the day at the beach.  If the sun isn’t going to heat me up to boiling, I can’t get in the water!  We decided to book a cruise to explore the coast line and see some dolphins.  We called that very morning & they had an opening for us on a three hour sailboat cruise.  It was starting right after lunch, so we walked along the boardwalk and beaches in the morning, had a snack and then packed up our stuff to take with us on the cruise.  As we were walking to the docks, we received a call that our cruise was cancelled for the day because they felt it was too windy.  We were so bummed, especially since it didn’t seem that windy to us.  We decided to call another cruise company and they still had spots left and the cruise wasn’t cancelled due to winds.  This cruise was not leaving from Playa de las Americas, near our apartment but instead near Los Gigantes, which is northwest from us (not far from our hike to Masca).  We drove to Los Gigantes and got in line to board our ship.  The skies were turning gray and we started to notice some strong waves.  They boarded us but gave the warning that it was windy and if you didn’t feel comfortable, especially with small children, it was best to reschedule your cruise.  Since this was our last day, we didn’t have that option. 

We are sitting on the boat and from this picture you can see how big the wave is crashing against the breakwater wall.


We are all situated on the boat and they announce that they have also cancelled the cruise for the day.  Double bummer!  Look how fun this boat would have been!  They have a rope swing where you can jump out into the ocean. 

image image image

We decide to walk around Los Gigantes for a bit, especially to watch the waves. 

image image image image

It did look a little rough out there, didn’t it?

We head back to our apartment, where it is sunny and a bit windy.  In the evening, we visited one of the beach bars to watch the sunset. 

image image image

The surfers were loving the larger waves.

image image 

Even though we didn’t get to go on one of the boat cruises, we did get to see a beautiful sunset on our last night!


The next morning, we had time for another beach walk before getting on the plane and heading back to Germany.  We had views of the Teide, as we said goodbye to Tenerife.


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