Hello Fresh

Christian and I received a coupon for Hello Fresh from one of our Amazon packages a couple months ago.  This is a meal subscription service, very similar to Blue Apron, which I had heard about in the US.  At first I thought that Hello Fresh was Germany’s version of Blue Apron, but then I visited their website and realized that they also deliver in the US.  Hello Fresh plans weekly meals and sends you a box with the recipe cards, which have simple, step-by-step instructions printed on them, as well as all the ingredients you need to prepare the meals.  Based on your subscription service, you can either choose three to five meals to be delivered each week.  You can also put your subscription on hold if you are going to be on vacation or just don’t need the meals for the week. 

We have had two deliveries so far.  The first one arrived when I was in Virginia, so Christian prepared the meals for himself & froze the leftovers.  He made: ravioli in a chimichurri sauce, turkey Thai curry with rice and Mexican fajitas with pork.


We had the second delivery just two weekends ago.  It was delivered in a box with the food items separately packaged. 

image image

The cold items were wrapped insulated with ice packs.

image image

1st Meal: Schwäbische Eierspätzle mit viel Gemüse (spätzle with vegetables in a mascarpone sauce)

image image image image

1st Meal Verdict: My favorite meal of the three meals we received, probably because it was like pasta and vegetarian.  Christian enjoyed it as well. 


2nd Meal: Reduced Carb – Schweineschnitzel in Zwiebel-Sahnesoße, gefüllte Ofen-Tomaten (pork schnitzel in an onion cream sauce with filled tomatoes and green beans)

image image image image 

2nd Meal Verdict: This was my least favorite meal.  I don’t think I even finished it but that is because I don’t like green beans or a huge piece of pork!  Christian ate it all but he said it wasn’t his favorite either.


3rd Meal: Maishähnchenbrust in köstlicher Cranberries-Soße mit Würzreis (chicken breast in a cranberry sauce with spicy/flavored rice)

image image image

3rd Meal Verdict: We both enjoyed the chicken and rice dish.  It was made with spices we haven’t used before, so it was different and tasty!


Overall: The meals were very simple to prepare.  Although, as usual, I did the prep work (cutting & cleaning) and Christian did the actual cooking.  It was nice that we didn’t have to buy any special ingredients to use for just one meal & these were meals that we would not choose to make on our own normally.  If you don’t like to think about what to prepare or go to the grocery store, this is a service for you.  I actually like to look up recipes online and determine what we are going to cook for the weekend based on the weather and what we are doing.  Right now we have our subscription on hold and maybe we will order again but for right now, I am trying to pick out a bunch of pumpkin and butternut squash recipes to try out!

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