Continuing with the theme of subscription services this week, Christian tried Outfittery.  This is a men’s shopping service, similar to the US’s Trunk Club for men or Stitch Fix for women.  Christian filled out a survey online stating his size, where he normally shops and what style he normally wears.  He has a pretty simple wardrobe.  During the work week, black pants & a dress shirt.  On the weekend, a polo and jeans.  He doesn’t stray from this and I usually have to try to rotate his pile of polos, so he doesn’t keep just choosing the one off the top!  Based on the information he provided, a stylist picked out an entire outfit for him to try. 

Christian told me after the fact that he signed up for this and I was quite surprised when a box was delivered to our house.  I almost told the postman that he had the wrong house, as I didn’t order anything from Outfittery!  Then it dawned on me this must be Christian’s new clothes.  Christian was really excited to see what they picked out!


Inside the box were the clothes, nicely folded and displayed, as well as a handwritten note from the stylist.


He received a jacket that would look nice with jeans or his black chinos.  Unfortunately, the jacket was a little too tight in the shoulders and when it was buttoned up.

image image

A scarf.


A v-neck sweater, which is similar to what he already owns.


He received skinny/slim jeans.  Christian has only started wearing jeans within the last five years.  It wasn’t until his brother took him to a Tommy Hilfiger store and had him try on a pair of jeans, that he found some that fit him.  Christian doesn’t have the body type for slim pants, so this was going to be a stretch for him! 


He also received a button-up shirt that I didn’t take a picture of for some reason.  Lastly, he received a pair of dress shoes.  I really liked the look and color of the shoes.


From the clothes received, the sweater and shoes were the only things that properly fit.  Christian just felt that he didn’t really need either, so in the end he returned everything.  He was pretty sad about that.  It was an easy return process.  We put everything back in the box, placed the return label on the outside and the next day dropped it off at the post office. 

Overall, I thought this was a good service, especially for men who don’t like to shop.  Christian doesn’t go shopping for fun (like me) and doesn’t like to think about what to wear.  This service might also introduce you to a few new brands or styles that you haven’t thought about wearing!  Also, the prices were normal based on the brands.  Even though Outfittery didn’t work out for Christian, I am happy to go shopping for him when he needs or when I think he needs new clothes! 

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