Christmas Decorating

You might have noticed from my last post some of our Christmas decorations.  I was so excited to decorate this year, that we purchased and put up our tree on November 21st!  That is even before Thanksgiving in the US, which is when some people start putting their decorations up.  In Germany, the Christmas tree is not brought into the house until Christmas Eve.  The tree would be decorated and families would sing such songs as O Tannenbaum, Ihr Kinderlein Kommet and Stille Nacht and then would exchange their presents.  Christian said we could be like Americans and bring the Christmas tree in very early and decorate it!  I am sure our neighbors thought it was strange. 

image image

Once the tree was up & decorated, I worked on the rest of the main living area. 

image image image

I sewed pillows for the couch from the leftover fabric that I used last year to make Christmas stockings

image image

Christian and I have some Lego Christmas sets & we built them and displayed them on our shelves. 

image image

The kitchen was also decorated.

image image image image 

We hung up these cookie cutter lights under our upper cabinets.  We also have a light in the window.  They are both set on timers, so they come on in the evening.

image image

Wreaths were hung up outside in the front and back.

image image image image

It looks so festive at night.  I always love coming up to the door and seeing everything all lit up at night!

image image image image image image

4 thoughts on “Christmas Decorating

  1. Jennifer, your house looks really nice with all your decorations. We wish you and Christian a very Merry Christmas. Love Da

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