Celebrating Advent & Family

We hosted some of Christian’s family over the second weekend of Advent.  We wanted to celebrate the season with them, as we will be celebrating with my family & Christian’s mom in Virginia this year.  Christian’s mom arrived first on Thursday, then Christian’s dad, his wife, aunt & uncle arrived on Saturday.  We started out with a visit to the Konrad Adenauer house, the first German Chancellor (Bundeskanzler).  You might remember that Christian and I visited during September during their garden fest.  This is the main attraction in our town, so it is definitely a highlight for the guests.  We took a guided tour of the house, which was nice & something that Christian and I did not experience when we first visited.

image image image image image image

Konrad Adenauer had a huge nativity scene displayed in his living room.  He purchased all the figurines for his grandchildren.

image image

After the tour, we went back to our house for coffee and cake/cookies.  We enjoyed talking with everyone and catching up.

image image

Christian and I worked on preparing the dinner.  Just like last year, Christian received a turkey from his company, so we decided to make a thanksgiving-like meal for Advent.  We had stuffing, a sweet potato & leek casserole, creamed corn and a green salad.  The family was curious about our choice of dishes but ended up enjoying everything.

image image image image

The family gathered around the Christmas tree.


The next day was December 6th, which is St. Nicholas Day (Nikolaustag).  The night before, we all put out our boots, hoping we were good enough to receive a gift.  Christian mentioned that he was the only one who actually cleaned his boots.

image image

After breakfast, we all drove to the St. Petersburg, the former guest house of the Federal Government for a quick walk through the hotel and to enjoy the views of the Rhein and mountains.

image image

Christian’s aunt and uncle departed after our time at the Petersburg.  Christian’s dad and wife still had some time before their train, so we drove to Bonn.  We had something to eat at the Weihnachtsmarkt and walked a little bit through the city.


Then it was time to say goodbye.  Christian’s mom left the next morning.  We had looked forward to their visit and the weekend went by so quickly!

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