My mom and I survived the blizzard (Jonas) this weekend. We had no power outages, plenty of food and for the most part we were entertained (I might have complained a little)! Since it was forecasted pretty early in the week, we stocked up on groceries on Wednesday. Friday morning we went to the gym, anticipating that we wouldn’t get a workout in on Saturday. We made one last run to the grocery store because we didn’t want to be without a sweet treat! We came home and I baked a chocolate cake and we waited for the snow to arrive. 

Friday: Just a light dusting.  

We went outside in the evening to shovel the first couple of inches of snow.



Saturday: I was so excited to see all the snow! I even woke up at 3AM and went downstairs to look out the front window to see how it was progressing.    

We went out mid-morning to shovel again. In the afternoon, It was really starting to become blustery!   

We even took a walk out to the main road to see how the road conditions were. The plows were running regularly.  

Sunday (today): The sun was shining and lots more snow. There were definitely more people out shoveling and walking through the neighborhood. The homeowner’s association has a snow removal company that has been working the last three days on plowing the roads and shoveling all the sidewalks. 

We cleared the driveway (luckily, it is short & about five times shorter than at our old house) and should be able to get the car in and out.   


My mom has a small back porch and we cleaned that off a bit. It was really deep due to snow drift!   

That has been our weekend of the #blizzard2016! Not sure what is going to be open and if we will venture out tomorrow. We just started watching the Outlander series, so I wouldn’t mind another day at home if it means I can finish watching season one!

2 thoughts on “#blizzard2016

  1. Glad to see that you and your mom survived the major snow storm. I didn’t come here for a change. but we have plenty of snow anyway. only 86 inches so far this season. Record is 296″ We won’t see that this year I am sure. Enjoy Denver!!
    Pat Cook

    1. Thanks, Pat! We got a couple of inches of snow in Denver last week but it is all melted and sunny now. My mom is now here in Denver with us. She is missing some of the colder weather that is currently in VA, so that is good.

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