New Paint

My mom and I picked up where we left off in October, painting more rooms in her house.  You might remember that we painted her study (Benjamin Moore’s Hawthorne Yellow) and laundry room.  She purchased a new sofa chair and we hung pictures on the wall to make the room feel more complete.

image image image

After Christian, his mom and my brother left after New Years, we purchased paint (Benjamin Moore’s Coventry Gray) and got to painting her entry hallway, living room & dining room.  It took a lot of time and we had to re-caulk and touch-up the paint on all the molding but now it looks really nice.  The walls used to be a cream color, which is in every room of the house.  It is nice to slowly get some color throughout the house.

Here is a picture from Christmas two years ago and the cream colored walls.


Here are the rooms now.

image image image image

Since I am getting so much painting experience, when it is time to re-paint our walls at our house, I should be able to do it!

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