No, Christian & I aren’t moving again!  My brother just closed on a house in Denver, so he moved from his apartment to the new house a couple weeks ago and Christian and I were there to help with the move.  Whenever someone in our family moves, we all seem to be there to help! 

When he moved to Denver from Virginia, he didn’t have a ton of stuff with him and he hasn’t acquired too much in the last year, so the move out of the apartment was fairly easy.  Chris had two other friends helping, so it went fast as moving goes getting the U-Haul and cars loaded up.


A problem did arise when trying to get the mattress box springs up his narrow staircases in his new townhouse.  Due to the angles and height of the ceiling in spots, those box springs wouldn’t fit.  Christian decided that we should just haul them up to the roof, since Chris has a roof-top deck and then get them down the more open staircase to the bedrooms.  We were skeptical but it worked out really well.  One of Chris’ neighbors, who was also moving in saw us doing this and asked to borrow the rope to do the very same thing with their box spring! 

image image

I took a little video showing how they got the mattress up to the roof.  They tied the mattress, then Chris and his friends are holding the rope, while Christian is pulling it up!  You can see it here.

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