Annual Visit to Denver

I am back in Virginia for a little bit of time before finally heading back to Germany.  I was in Denver for the past month & I am calling this my annual trip to Denver because I have been lucky enough to be able to visit the last two years in addition to this year and hope(!) that I will be back next year as well!  Besides visiting with friends and my brother, one of the main purposes of my visit to Denver this year was to help my brother with his move to his new house.  Like I mentioned in my previous post, Christian was able to stop in Denver for a couple days.  He was a big help with the move but we did get a couple breaks from packing, cleaning & moving! 

We had brunch at Snooze in Union Station.  The eggs benedict was delicious but I always have to get the chocolate peanut butter pancakes!

image image image

Christian left Denver & my mom arrived.  It was like a tag-team travel event!  My mom and I let the contractors in for some finishing work, delivery of appliances and all the other new house stuff that needs to be done those first couple weeks of moving in. 

image image

The weather warmed up unfortunately right when Christian departed but we enjoyed all the sunshine with a visit to Cheesman Park.

image image image

Then my mom left and it was just my brother and I.  My brother still had to go to work, so during the day I got into a routine of sorts of going to the yoga studio for a class sometime in the morning, taking a daily walk to enjoy the weather and running some sort of errand. 

image image

It was so easy to get around on the Denver b-cycle.  I even got to ride the special pink bike!


I limited my visits to Little Man for ice cream.  It was difficult because look at these amazing flavors!


One weekend my brother and I went winter camping.  We drove to Jamestown, Colorado just outside of Boulder.  Along the Ceran St. Vrain Trail, which follows the South St. Vrain Creek are a couple of camping sites.  We carried our gear in and set-up camp.

image image image image

It was cold and snowy where we were and it was in the mid-60’s in Denver!  We were able to get a campfire going to keep warm after clearing out the fire pit full of snow.  We went to bed pretty early (8pm) but we both didn’t sleep very well.  I was worried about mountain lions (there were none) and Chris was cold at some point and just uncomfortable from tensing from being cold. 

image image image

The next morning we started another fire and cooked burritos for breakfast. 


It was looking to be a beautiful day but I wasn’t feeling so well, so without even going on a hike, we packed up and drove back to sunny, warm Denver!

image image

As always, the time went by so fast and I wanted to head back to Virginia for some time with my mom before going back to Germany.  I left Denver with the flowers starting to bloom and it feeling like spring!  I hope that is the same weather that greets me in Bad Honnef!


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