Johnston Canyon Waterfalls

On our last day in Banff we had only until lunchtime to explore more of the park before having to head back to Calgary to catch our flights.  We decided to visit the Johnston Canyon waterfalls.  From the Trans-Canada Highway heading west from Banff, enter the scenic Bow Valley Parkway.  The turnoff for the canyon trail is about 25km from Banff.  We made sure to leave early not just because of our time constraint but because this is a very popular hiking path both in the winter and in the summer.  Tour buses arrive during the day for visitors to view the falls.  The hike to the lower falls is only 1.1km & to the upper falls it is 2.7km.  During the winter time you definitely need to wear snow cleats.  The path is snow packed and very icy. 

image image

Part of the trail was walking on the catwalks that were built into the sides of the canyon walls.

image image

It is hard to tell but this is the lower falls.  They are covered in snow & ice.

image image image

We walked a bit further and reached the upper falls.

image image image

There were two guys that climbed up the frozen canyon wall. 

image image image

It was the perfect hike to enjoy our last bit of time in Banff National Park.  I would love to go back in the spring or summer to see how it looks without all the snow! 

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