Life Back in Germany

I am starting my third week back in Germany after so many weeks in the US.  I arrived home to a house still decorated for Christmas!  Christian was able to remove all the outside wreaths and the Christmas tree but we still had everything else out.  I spent my first day just getting it all put away.  The weather and outside also still felt & looked wintery.  After being in VA, where all the plants and trees were really starting to bloom, it was still brown in Germany.  Luckily, that has changed just within these past two weeks. 

The following day was my birthday.  Christian had a few cards and presents laid out for me in the morning. 


I decided to open up everything after we got back from the gym in the evening. 


Instead of a birthday cake, Christian made Marzipanhörnchen (marzipan-almond cookies).  They were delicious & he said they were easy to make.  He also made some chocolate-covered grapes because he had leftover chocolate!

image image

I was happy it was a short work week for Christian that first week I got back due to Easter.  We spent one day up in Düsseldorf doing a little shopping & attending church service.  Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t so pleasant and rained most of the time.  On one of the days, we decided to paint the backs of our IKEA Billy cabinets in the living room.  We used some of the Farrow & Ball Pavilion Gray left from our entry way. 

image image image

I was hoping that it would create a nice contrast to the glassware.  Here is what it looks like & unfortunately, there isn’t a contrast.  Christian suggested using the Stiffkey Blue that is in our bathroom.  Maybe I will re-paint one of these days.

image image

On Easter Sunday, Christian hid a few goodies for me & I, as always provided an egg hunt (2013, 2014, 2015) for Christian. 

image image image image

We made a special Easter brunch for after church.  It was sweet potato waffles with mashed avocado & a poached egg on top.  I just discovered poached eggs & now I always want my eggs prepared that way even though I still find them really difficult to make.  The sweet potato waffles were not very good & overall it was a disappointing meal! 


Luckily, we made a potato & carrot tart for dinner & for dessert we picked up an almond cake bunny from Heinemann, my favorite bakery in Düsseldorf.  They are known for their champagne truffles but I love their cookies, cakes & nuts the best. 

image image

Once again I am trying to clean out closets & get rid of things that we don’t need.  I do this every couple of months & I feel like I don’t make any progress.  Since I hadn’t planned on spending so much time in the US, I didn’t bring a lot of clothes with me.  I usually bring one outfit in addition to what I am wearing on the plane when I travel to VA.  I still have clothes & shoes kept at my mom’s house & I buy a few new things every time I got to the US.  My point is I survived those almost four months with a limited wardrobe & it worked fine.  I had even less when I went to Denver (two pairs of pants, a few shirts & two sweaters).  I survived, so what am I doing with all these clothes here!?  But I am having a hard time parting with stuff.  I have lots of dressier clothes that I never wear but maybe one day I will need again, so I hang on to them.  The pile we have now to give away is mostly Christian’s stuff.  At least it is something!


I am back to going to the gym here.  One of the instructors said I was on a long vacation & I said yes I was!  On the days that I can’t make it up to to the gym, I do workouts in the living room on my own & when it isn’t raining, I can run outside.  After taking a yoga class with my brother in Denver & him declaring me the least flexible female probably in the world, I decided I should try to work on that a little more. I started doing the Yoga with Adriene, specifically the 30 day yoga camp videos on YouTube.  Maybe one day I can touch my toes! 




Long post I know but last but not least, in the next couple weeks I want to work a little more on our garden.  I definitely want to plant herbs & I need to see what has survived the winter and what needs to be replaced.  This is what it currently looks like.  Needs some work, right?


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