I thought I would check back in and let everyone know what was going on in the last couple of weeks.  I haven’t been blogging that much, mostly due to the fact that I haven’t felt like there has been too much exciting things happening that warranted a whole blog post!  Christian has spent most of April traveling, so it has just been me at home.  The first two weeks of April brought beautiful, spring weather to Bad Honnef.  We barely saw any rain and it was warm enough to go without a jacket.  Now these last two weeks have been rainy and colder.  The forecast even called for snow but all we saw was a bit of slush.  I was worried about some of the plants that I had just planted but all the rain has really helped them and they don’t seem too bothered right now by the cold.

It is really green here now & the trees are looking so pretty.  This is a view from the bridge near our house and the trees are greener now than when these photos were taken.

image image

Cherry blossoms are blooming in Bonn.


Normally we have Abendbrot (bread & spreads, which you can read about here) for dinner during the week.  Since Christian has been out of town, I have decided to switch things up.  I have been roasting vegetables with olive oil and this herb-flavored salt, which we received from Christian’s aunt & uncle for Advent.  I have never been a fan of raw broccoli but love it roasted.

image image

I have also been trying to cut back on the number of Leibniz cookies I have been eating & instead reaching for fruit as my dessert.  I thought I would never say that!  It helps having this almond butter to smear all over the apples as my dessert or snack.  We brought back this jar from Costco.  It is already two-thirds empty.  I am definitely requesting that my mom or brother bring us another jar or two when they come in July.  Peanuts don’t agree with Christian, so almond butter is a great alternative.  We have also been spreading it on our croissants instead of nutella.


I have still been keeping up with my daily Yoga with Adriene YouTube videos.  No pictures to share of me this time!  I think I am getting more flexible, but I need to keep at it for another couple of months. 

I decided to re-paint the back walls of the Billy bookcases.  Christian had painted them Farrow & Ball’s Pavilion Gray just a month ago.  Since I didn’t think the gray created that much of a contrast, I used the Stiffkey Blue, which is in our powder room.  I am happy with them now & it looks good with the other dark blues in the room.

image image image

Christian travels KLM when flying to Peru for work and if he is lucky enough to get upgraded to business class, he gets to take home one of the KLM Blue Delft Houses.  Starting in 1952, individuals flying business class on KLM received one of these houses.  There are currently 96 models and as of now, we have 12.  He just got back from a trip to Peru this past weekend & picked up two new houses to add to our collection! 

image image

Christian came home from Peru with a stomach bug but had enough energy to open up his Outfittery package that came in the mail for him.  You might remember that he tried this online shopping service for men last fall.  In his box were two outfits, a jacket and shoes.  This box was a better success than the previous one.  He decided to keep the shoes and one of the dress shirts.  He was torn about keeping the jacket, which was a nice Ben Sherman trench coat but decided in the end that he wouldn’t wear it that often. 

image image image

In the evenings after dinner, I have been coloring.  There have been tons of articles out about how adult coloring is so popular now and how it is calming and beneficial for stress relief.  I turn on the TV & watch/listen to my program and color.  I have recently been watching Mr. Selfridge’s on PBS.  The final season just aired but I had only seen a couple of the first season episodes, so I decided to get caught up.  I purchased this coloring book late last summer at the airport and then recently purchased the Parisian Street Style coloring book.  I was getting bored of just coloring flowers and leaves, so now I can color clothes! 

image image image

That is about all that is going on in our lives right now.  In May & June, Christian and I are doing a little more travel together, so that will more interesting to report!  Christian comes back next week on his birthday and we are looking forward to celebrating!  Hope everyone is enjoying the spring!

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  1. “There have been tons of articles out about how adult coloring is so popular now and how it is calming and beneficial for stress relief.”….oh man life must be so stressful for my professional vacationer over there! 😉

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